Nebraska Transport Company is your premier midwest regional LTL carrier with nationwide capabilites.
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Nebraska Transport Company

Nebraska Transport Company is your premier midwest regional LTL carrier with nationwide capabilites.

NTC has strong roots in Customer Service

Since 1973, when Nebraska Transport Company started with one truck and one man’s desire to make his trucking company more customer-friendly than the competition, we’ve stuck by that vision and grown into the team of professionals we are today. Our story is an exceptional one, just like the service we strive to provide for each and every shipment.  Here at NTC, we’re committed to the customers we serve and to the people we have serving our customers. It’s our dedication to our employees that leads them to be dedicated to our customers. We are a team that wants to serve our customers as well as our community because we know that the success of each depends on the other. As you look at our service area as well as our value-added services, it’s easy to see how our team ranks among the best in the industry. Thank you for choosing NTC … we look forward to serving you.

Attention Valued Customer:

Please take note and update your files as necessary.

At NTC we have changed our MC # and are operating under new authority.
The new MC # is 55028-C
The new DOT # is 3060630

Documentation of those changes as received from the U.S. Department of Transportation and a current copy of our insurance certificate is available on our website under the Tools/Downloads tab

Thank You

Team NTC

It is that time of year again - winter is upon us so we want everyone to be aware of the Freezable Policy here at NTC.

Below is a link to find the guidelines that have been established to ensure proper movement, protection, charges, and limits of liability for shipments requiring Protective Heater Service or keep from freezing during the winter months.

Click here to see NTC's Freezable Policy.

NTC would like to share with you our core values. These values that we hold dear, have been a part of our culture at NTC for 40 years. However, we have recently decided that we needed to share our core values with internal and external customers. We are pleased to share with you the 7 core values that make NTC who we are.

Click here to see a detailed list of NTC's Core Values.