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NTC... Your Gateway to Canada

N T C can work together with partner carriers to provide seamless service between N T C direct service points and all provinces in Canada, except Nunavut.

Shipping between the United States and Canada is easy.

Let us show you how to move your shipments between the United States and Canada with ease. N T C & our Canadian partners work pro-actively to ensure Customs documents are cleared before shipments cross the border. This results in fewer delays and reduced or waived Customs charges for you or your customer.

The only documents you need:

While only two basic documents are required to ship from the United States to Canada you may need additional forms for some special circumstances. click below to go to the Canada Border Services Agency web site for a list of fill in Adobe Acrobat documents that are easily completed forms which can be printed or e-mailed.

There are a couple important things to remember to avoid red tape and possible customs delays or charges being applied to your shipments to Canada.

As a part of the Homeland Security Act the screening of freight moving between the United States and Canada is more stringent than it was prior to 9/11/2001. The Canadian carrier is the party that actually takes freight across the border so we honor their $15.00 border security charge on all shipments. This charge will be applied to all shipments crossing the Canada/US border.