Nebraska Transport Company is your premier midwest regional LTL carrier with nationwide capabilites.
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NTC Core Values

Genuine Customer Service

Our organization will provide an outstanding personal experience in a pleasant, humble and professional manner for both internal and external customers, striving to make each individual our most important customer. Whenever possible, our goal is to provide first point of contact results for the customer.


As a team, we will consistently apply and exhibit high ethical, legal and moral standards. By doing so, we will exemplify a firmness of character that makes us known by others as being solid in this stance when it comes to our employees and our company as a whole.

Economic Strength and Security

We will never compromise our core values to drive profit, however, where possible, we will make decisions that drive the long-term profitability of the company, understanding that any action taken by any employee must factor in its impact upon the financial security of the company.


Our team will protect our employees and the public by always implementing policies and procedures that create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We will educate each employee about their personal responsibility to create a safe work environment and attitude.


Understanding that pride is the foundation for the success for any organization, we will offer the foundation for a positive work environment, providing the opportunity for each employee to be empowered to function at the highest degree and with personal ownership in the company's operation.

Service to Humanity

Collectively, our team will remain a responsible global citizen by being continually in the pursuit of the greater good, creating a positive impact through charity, influence and servitude.

Dedication to Employees

As an organization, we will mutually commit to an environment that encourages open communication, diversity, tolerance and open mindedness within our organization, believing that people who are treated with dignity and respect are keys to building a quality organization.