Nebraska Transport Company is your premier midwest regional LTL carrier with nationwide capabilites.
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A Message from Brent Holliday

When my father, Richard B. Holliday Sr., acquired Nebraska Transport Company in 1973, he was determined to give our customers the best freight service possible at competitive rates and provide the employees with the knowledge and incentives to work toward that goal.

Today, we operate NTC based on those same principles, committed to operating only top quality equipment and employing the finest people available - committed enough to be the first Nebraska-based LTL carrier to achieve the ISO 9000 Certification. I'm proud of the effort "Team NTC" puts forth every day to consistently provide our customers with the best transportation service anywhere. We have a great team, a team of winners, who all understand what our team has to do to grow and continue to be a leader in our industry, all the while remembering that the single-most important part of their job is - and always will be - to serve you, our valued customer.

Brent Holliday
Vice President